Business School - NEU

Development History

·        1992: Establishment of the Management and Training Center.

·        12/1997: Establishment of NEU Business School from the Management and Training Center according to Decision number 4284/GD-DT of GDDT dated 20/12/1997.

·        1998: The first Intake of Master in Business Administration in Vietnamese with thirty students were recruited.

·        1999:  The first Intake of Master of International Accounting (MIA) in collaboration  with Swinburne University from Australia with 30 and 25 students were recruited from Ha Noi and  TP HCM accordingly.

·        2001: The first Intake of Master in Business Administration in English with 36 students were recruited

·        2006: The first professional executive training course was offered to 50 management participants.

·        9/2009: The first intake of Bachelor of Business Administration in English was recruited with 50 students.

·        2010: PhD Program in Business Administration was launched with the first Intake.

Main functions of NEU Business School

·         Providing Bachelor of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration and Doctor of Business Administration with high practicality and regional standards.

·         Designing and carrying out  high quality short course training programs on Management and Business Administration for managers at all levels in companies or  business enterprises to enhance their capacities required in the international competitive environment.

·         Implementation of research projects and business development consultancy and Business Administration in accordance with the development needs of different types of enterprises in Vietnam.


·         100% of lecturers graduated from prestigious universities in the world

·         Team of Associate Professors and PhD lecturers with  specialization in Business Administration, who can teach and conduct research  in both Vietnamese and English.

·         Supporting staff  with high level of responsibility and professionalism

·         Extensive Team of collaborators/partners  who are Professors, Associate Professors, Entrepreneurs and successful domestically and internationally.

Co-operation and faculty exchange with prestigious foreign universities in America, Britain, Japan, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, 

The education and training programs

·         Bachelor of Business Administration in English

·         Master of Business Administration

·         Master of Business Administration in English

·         Master of International Accounting

·         Doctor of Business Administration

·         Customized short training courses for executives and for SMEs

·         Public short-term training courses for the business community