V-MBA Program

Master Program in Business Administration (V-MBA) is an important tool for those who want to become professional managers. Graduates from the V-MBA program hold important positions in businesses and organizations.

Training Objectives

The basic objectives of the program:

·         Update students with knowledge and practical hands-on approach to business administration..

·         Strengthening management and leadership skills, developing management skills required of a professional administrator..

·         To create an environment with opportunities to share experiences, develop networks and career opportunities.

Benefits of the program

Students attending the V-MBA program can become professional administrators with the confidence, dynamism, creative and ability to work under pressure in today globalized economy environment. Students have access to:

·         Opportunities to train and improve professional management skills.

·         Opportunities to share and learn from successful entrepreneurs in the country and internationally.

·         Opportunities to train and develop creative ability and be able to confidently apply knowledge of business administration in solving practical problems effectively.

Teaching Methods

V-MBA program is taught according to modern student-centered methods, combining theory and business practices of Vietnam and around the world, in order to maximize the creativity and dynamism of the student. Specifically:

·         Lecture method involves the multi-dimensional impact between students, lecturers and professionals.

·         Theories are combined with group discussion exercises, case studies, role-plays and research studies.

·         Modern classroom environment with projectors and wireless systems.

·         Computer labs and libraries are available to student for research and development.


·         The teaching faculty of the program are experienced teachers, who have studied at overseas universities (USA, UK, Australia,…)

·         Presenters of the program are successful entrepreneurs and leading executives in Vietnam..

The program content

The courses in the V-MBA program were developed in a selective manner, based on universities with MBA programs in the United States and other developed countries to ensure that the combined knowledge of modern business administration and practical implication are suitable for Vietnam economy. In addition to the general knowledge courses, student will learn:

·         Required core subjects: Economics Management, Marketing, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Strategic Management.

·         Self-selected subjects, students select four courses from the following subjects: Operation Management, Information Systems Management, Business Law, Project Management, International Finance, Accounting Management, Quality Management, Organizational Behavior , etc.

·         Required specialized technical subjects: Business in the globalized environment, Quantitative Analysis and Business Statistics.

·         Selected specialized subjects, students choose two subjects: Accounting and Business Analysis, Marketing Management, Corporate Finance, Establish and develop relationships for executives, Business Organization.

Course duration

·         The program takes two years including writing the dissertation.

·         Lectures are taken outside of office hours.

Admission requirements

·         Meet the benchmark of the initial 3 tests in accordance with the school rules: Econometrics, Economics and English..

Examination conditions

·         Candidates who graduated from economics, business administration, business governance with high grades are able to take exams straight away.

·         Other candidates will take the exams one year after graduation and having completed the required BSKT courses.

Time of examination:  Around mid-August every year


Tuition Fee

Students participating in the program pay tuition and training fees under the annual provision of DH KTQD.


After completing the program, students will be awarded the Master of Business Administration by the dean of the National Economic University.


For more details, please contact:

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