Short-term training

Non – degree program

The content of the program is updated, the latest theory in the field of business management in order to help the Directors working in a dynamic environment and regularly renewed.

Opening monthly

18:00 to 21:00 (2 sessions / week)

The program ensures high application

Providing the tools of modern management, leadership skills, and professional management to help executives’ select appropriate management, efficient enterprise.

The program ensures professionalism

Systematic and brief lectures, concise, easy to understand. Reasonable time and duration. Modern classrooms with training services and have international standards.

Teaching staff

Successful entrepreneurs, senior professionals, administrators and consultants on management & business development at the faculty are experienced Professors, Doctors by the Institute of Business Administration and the National Economics University.

Training Methods

The method of multidimensional impact through forms such as group discussions, hands-on practical situations, role playing, simulation games to promote the initiative and creativity of students in the learning process, help students have more opportunities to learn and share practical experience in leadership and management of successful entrepreneurs with experienced, with the teacher as the senior expert of Vietnam.

Subject of training

As all of the incumbent directors, the candidate's business manager positions in the future and those who really want to become successful professional directors.


Key facts

Start Date: Monthly Intakes Available

Duration: 3 months

Timetable: Tuesday and Thursday (18pm-21pm)


Approved Certificate from NEU Business School

Tuition fee

Course Tuition fee: 12,000,000 VND

Support from Manager Development Project: 3,000,000 VND

Tuition fee, which must be paid: 9,000,000 VND

NEU Business School bank account

Branch Details: Ngân hàng Ngoại thương Hà nội

Account Name:  Viện Quản trị Kinh doanh

Account No.: 0021000019691


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