Bachelor of Business Administration in English (Code: D110109)

What is E- BBA?

  • A program of formal training in Business Administration in English, training at the Business School - National Economics University.
  • Training programs, according to international standards, in order to train professional managers to be confident, dynamic, creative and capable to work in a competitive environment and pressures of the global economy.

Differentiation of the program E-BBA

  • Full-time Bachelor degree, awarded to students by the Ministry of Education and Training.
  • Prize for undergraduates: 25% of the tuition fee of the first semester.
  • Reward graduated = 50% tuition graduate courses in Business Administration in English (EMBA).
  • Chances to participate in exchange programs at prestigious universities in UK, USA, Australia, Canada.


Benefits of the program

  • Provide knowledge and skills training, with qualities of professional managers.
  • Develop communicative competence in business English.
  • Sharing and learning from the experiences of successful entrepreneurs.
  • Opportunities to participate in student exchange programs with prestigious universities in the world such as USA, Australia, Canada, Korea, and Taiwan.
  • The opportunity to study and being accepted by the university as prestigious school in the US, UK, Australia.
  • The opportunity to work in groups, corporations and large enterprises in domestic and oversea.


Training Methods

  • Focused learners in class in order to maximize the initiative and creativity of students.
  • Open learning environment, active and friendly.
  • Interactive multi-dimensional methods: group discussions, case studies, role plays, simulations and field trips, etc.


Learning materials and facilities

  • Books and materials for specialized subjects in English.
  • Private computer room, library that allows access to electronic databases.
  • Air-conditioned classrooms with projectors, wireless internet connection.



  • 100% lecturers, graduated from leading universities in US, UK, France.
  • Visiting lecturer professors from prestigious universities in the world.
  • Visiting lecturers, who are successful entrepreneurs in Vietnam and other countries.


The core subjects

- Management

- Project Management

- Management Economics

- International Business Administration

- Basic Marketing

- Business Statistics

- Accounting principles

- Business Law

- Business Communication

- Management Information Systems

- Organizing Behavior

- Creativity and Innovation

- Managing Human Resource

- Business Negotiation

- Strategic Management

- Consumer Behavior

- Operations Management

- Sales Administration

- Financial Management

- Managing the Supply Chain

- Management Accounting

- Admission Requirements


Sign up for regular examinations, University of National Economics (code: D110109)


Ms. Le Thi Thu - Program Coordinator

Room 105, Building 12,

National Economics University Tran Dai Nghia,

Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi

Tel: (04) 3869 7922 (ext: 150)

Fax: (04) 3869 1682


Mobile: 0914681112

Ms. Nguyen Thu Hang - Program Coordinator

Room 105, Building 12,

National Economics University Tran Dai Nghia,

Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi

Tel: (04) 3869 7922 (ext: 136)

Fax: (04) 3869 1682


Mobile: 0982072662 


Graduate Admissions

Admission Criteria

  • A full-time bachelor degree in Economics or Business Administration with good results or above.
  • An undergraduate degree or equivalent qualification in other subject area with a minimum of one year relevant working experience.
  • A part-time bachelor degree in Economics or Business Administration from National Economics University, Foreign Trade University, Banking Academy, Academy of Finance, Vietnam Commercial University and VNU University of Economics and Business with a minimum one year relevant working experience.

Admission Schedule

  • Application Deadline: July 10th
  • Preparation Course for Entrance Exam: From March to July
  • Entrance exam: August
  • Commencement: September

Entrance exam

  • Economics – writing test in Vietnamese
  • English - reading comprehensive, writing, grammar, and listening
  • Oral test (in English), and GMAT test.

Application Document Checklists

  • A completed application form (in English)
  • A curriculum vitae (in Vietnamese with certification by proper authority)
  • Certified copies of  tertiary degrees or higher education certificates and certified transcripts
  • English Language Proficiency Test such as TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT (if any)
  • Reference letter from employer (if any)
  • 8 photographs (size 3*4) with your name on the back
  • 3 envelops with stamps and contact address printed.
  • Undergraduate degree granted by foreign universities must be certified by the General Department for Testing and Education Quality Accreditation – Ministry of Education and Training
  • Application Document is brought at Room 105, Building 12, NEU Business School, National Economics University

Application Fee: 50,000 VND


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