1. MSc. Le Van Nam - Secretary FD 

2. Doan Bao Yen - Deputy Secretary of FD 

3. Nguyen Hoang Phuong - Deputy Secretary of FD 

4. Dai Trang Vu - UV BCH FD 

5. Tran Duc Manh - BCH UV FD 

6. Doan Thu Lan - UV BCH FD 

7. Nguyen Duong Ngoc Hoa - BCH UV FD 

8. Cong Minh Vu - UV BCH FD 

9. Mai Doan Ngoc Thuy - BCH UV FD 



1. TS. Nguyen Quoc Duy - Union president 

2. Le Thi Nguyet - Vice President of the union 


Student clubs EBBA 


Alumni Association BSNEU

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