Do Duc Tho, MBA - Office Manager

Vu Viet Thang - Vie Office Manager

Doan Minh Hanh, MBA - Coordinator of V-MBA Program

Pham Thanh Hoa, MBA - Coordinator of E-MBA Program

Nguyen Thu Hang, MBA - Coordinator of E-BBA Program

Truong Thanh Hoa - Coordinator of DSMD Program

Le Thi Thu - Coordinator of E-BBA Program

Le Phuong Linh - Archives

Doan Bao Yen - Youth Union

Trinh Duy Bao - Information Systems

Nguyen Thi Minh Hoa, MBA - Chief Accountant

Le Thi Nguyet - Accountant

Le Thi Mai Lan, MBA - Treasurer

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