Messages from the Dean

Vietnam’s economic integration requires managers to possess in-depth knowledge of economic and business administration as well as global mindset and professional working styles.

These knowledge, abilities and skills need to be trained and developed in a dynamic, innovative and professional educational environment. The Business School- National Economics University has been developed to provide such educational environment with international standard quality. It is the first educational organization in Viet Nam established according to the model of international leading business school. The Business School –NEU has been constantly striving for academic excellence in teaching and a provider of professional training, consulting services and business management.

Participating in our business school’s educational, training programs and consulting services, participants and organizations will have opportunities to learn and update knowledge and skills in various aspects of business and management, to be professional and effective managers, and to receive professional consulting services.

Joining our programs and services, participants will enjoy various training techniques using student-centered andragogy. Participants’ knowledge, skills and abilities will be developed and be brought into full play to become confident and successful managers and businessmen.