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Project management is an important element indispensable in our lives today. The project  is briefly interpreted as a problem solving plan to satisfy a certain goal. In the context of economic globalization and the deep integration, more and more projects are launched to address different needs in all aspects of social economic life. Wherever and whenever there is a problem is detected or one needs to be born, there will be goals and plans to be established to solve the problem and  operations to be done to achieve the target.

In a competitive environment, the successful implementation of the project is an important condition to promote the development of each enterprise in particular and the entire socio-economic background in general. A successful project depends on many different factors such as knowledge, skills and experience in project management. In other words, project management is also seen as a clever combination of management art and science.

This book covers the various aspects of project management, help readers, especially  project managers , students in all disciplines of economics, business administration, technology and many others- who will work with project in the future to understand  basics knowledge of project management , cultivate the art of management , learning management experience and applying those tools of project management into their work later .

The book is written in a relatively new style with introduction at the beginning of each chapter, illustrated through a lively case of project management , to help the reader easily follow and clearly highlight content of each chapter .

The author would like to thank all friends and colleagues at NEU - Business School and National Economics University, professors at Queensland University, Australia and Mahidol University (CMMU), Bangkok, Thailand contributed useful comments and provide  highly valuable materials, documents and encouragement in order to help the author finish this book.

Because of the first time of published, the book surely inevitable shortcomings. The author would like to receive all comments from majority of readers.


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