DSMD Program

Director and Senior Manager Development Program

Basic object of program

Providing solution perfectly for business through business development consulting services, training programs for managers between high and low lever.

Program Overview

With the guideline “Business goes to success!” all activities of  DSMD program are  realized professionally for each business and  guarantee high applicability.

Targeted customer of the program is all company, corporations, business enterprises which are wishing to improve the organization, improve the capacity of management staff and gradually build highly competitive human resources for enterprises both at home and abroad.

Main activities are consultancy to develop the organization and short training programs for enterprises.  

Consultancy Services

By the new approach, experienced consultants who will research difficult problems of enterprises in order to find best solutions that accord with each enterprise. Nowadays, DSMD program has been providing consultancy developing services for business including: 

  • Building the business strategy of the business
  • Building the organizational culture
  • Evaluating executive management capacity of senior managers in enterprises
  • Assessing the management capacity of middle managers in the enterprise
  • Evaluating the management capacity of grassroots managers such as team leaders, department store managers
  • Evaluating the employee performance
  • Building a system to evaluate the performance of business objects
  • Analyzing the mission and building job assignments
  • Developing a professional director training program
  • Developing the training program for middle managers of enterprises
  • Developing the training programs for grassroots managers of enterprises
  • Organization of PR activities to develop corporate image



Training Course Listing

Training programs that are provided by DSMD program will help managers to get the overview about operating process and developing the enterprise in the competitive environment. Almost training programs are designed depending on the solid understanding of position, responsibility, and mission of manager in each business. At the level of management, the knowledge and management skills are different hence content and methods of training are selected to best suit those objects. The objectives of the training programs provided by DSMD including:

  • Raising awareness of the roles, tasks and functions of all levels of management in the enterprise so that improve knowledge, skills and qualities that managers need to complete their tasks.
  • Updating the knowledge, provide the necessary and appropriate management tools to help managers complete their tasks  in the enterprise.
  • Perfecting the management and training skills to improve the professionalism for managers at different levels in the enterprise.

Nowadays, DSMD program has been providing comprehensive training programs for Vietnamese enterprises such as:

  • Training program and leadership development
  • Professional director training program
  • Training program for mid-level managers
  • Head shops training program
  • Leader training program
  • The training program builds and develops effective working groups
  • Basic training program in business administration
  • Advanced Human Resource Management Training
  • Advanced financial management training program
  • Advanced Marketing Management Training Program.

Director and Senior Manager Development Program would like to work with the enterprise to find a way to create a learning organization to maintain and develop human resources of the business in the global economy.



Ms. Truong Thanh Hoa - Program Coordinator

Room 105, Building 12, National Economics University, Tran Dai Nghia Str., Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi

Tel: (84-4) 38690055 (Ext: 117) | Fax: (84-4) 38691682 | Mobile: 0912-772-740

Email: ttthoa@bsneu.edu.vn | Website: www.bsneu.edu.vn